CISO Public Sector Summit Canada | June 14, 2022 | Ottawa, ON, Canada


Past and Present CISO Public Sector Summit Canada Speakers

Recent Insights Into the Tactics and Targets of the Cyber Threat landscape View details

Josh Burgess

Lead Global Technical Threat Advisor


Integrate Once, Reuse Everywhere - IBM Security and the Open Cybersecurity Alliance View details

Chris Bontempo View details

IBM Security Marketing Leader


Understanding and Managing Third-Party Risk with Visibility, Insight and Action! View details

Dan Carayiannis

RSA Archer Public Sector Director



The CISO Public Sector Summit Canada is a chance to network, learn and engage with your peers on key industry concerns. Take some time out of the office to discuss and tackle the big issues currently affecting your company.

If you are interested in speaking at the summit Heed our Call for Speakers to submit your proposed session topic!

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